Amplyfying Voices of the World Christian Movement

OMSC@PTS engages in God’s mission and amplifies the voices of the world Christian movement through our signature three-fold ministry and new program initiatives

Residential & Online Study Programs

Designed for global partners (pastors, missionaries, church and mission executives, seminary, college, and university professors, administrators, and PhD candidates in the dissertation phase) artists, and laypeople, our Residential & Online Study Programs offer unique opportunities that focus on the church’s participation in God’s mission. With registration open to the public, these programs seek to encourage “two-way traffic” between practitioners and scholars and to foster more faithful Christian witness in our complex, ever-changing world.

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Our Residential Study Program provides global partners the opportunity to spend a year with us at Princeton Theological Seminary to pursue a year-long research project related to their scholarship or ministry.  Each month, our residents also attend seminars and workshops led by some of the leading voices in Mission Studies, World Christianity, and Intercultural Theology.  These seminars and workshops are also open to the public.  Those who complete our Residential & Online Study Programs receive a Certificate in Mission Studies & World Christianity.

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Our Online Study Program features innovative, webinars, panel discussions, “meet the author” book events, and “in the studio” artist talks that are available to anyone around the world with a stable internet connection.  Each event offers a concentrated 90 minute dive into some of the most important questions and themes emerging from the world Christian movement.

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The Gerald H. Anderson Lectures

Each year we will invite one or two leading scholars in Mission Studies, World Christianity, Intercultural Theology or a cognate discipline to deliver public lectures at the annual PTS World Christianity Conference. These lectures are named in honor of Gerald H. Anderson, OMSC director and editor of IBMR from 1976 to 2000.

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The Lamin Sanneh Research Prizes

Each year we will announce Requests for Proposals for two grant awards to support research, writing, and public dissemination of work in Mission Studies, World Christianity, Intercultural Theology or a cognate discipline. These prizes are named in memory of Lamin Sanneh, pioneer in the field of World Christianity, OMSC trustee, and a contributing editor to the IBMR.

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Digital Curriculum & Certificate

Leading to a certificate in “Lived Theology and World Christianity, ” we will pilot this online curriculum to equip global partners from around the world with research skills and sensitivity to discern God’s presence at work in their social, cultural, political, and spiritual contexts

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English Translation of Christian Scholarship

With a goal of making significant Christian scholarship written in other languages available in English, these translations may be from any field in the theological curriculum. They will be published as a special feature in the IBMR.

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