“OMSC feeds mind and spirit—Christian fellowship and worship combined with serious exploration of essential mission issues.”
— Dana L. Robert, Boston University School of Theology


OMSC@PTS welcomes applications from global partners (local and cross-cultural church workers, scholars, medical doctors, administrators, and PhD candidates in the dissertation phase) from Africa, Asia, Eastern Europe, Latin America, the Middle East, and Oceania and from every Christian tradition for a season of sustained intellectual and spiritual renewal. All global partners should have a minimum of ten years work experience before submitting an application. Global partners are expected to spend their time at OMSC working on a research project utilizing the resources of the Seminary, Princeton University, and surrounding community.  Assignments are for a nine-month academic year (September – May). 

Note: Since the artist in residence is recruited by the Director, we do not consider unsolicited applications from artists.


Each academic year, OMSC@PTS accepts a limited number of global partners to participate in our Residential Study Program. The window for applications for the 2023-2024 academic year will be open from October 1 – December 31, 2022. 


A high intermediate level of English must be confirmed in one of the following three ways:

  • Submission of a TOEFL or Duolingo English Test score.
  • Submission of signed documentation from an academic institution or certified English language school.
  • A successful interview with OMSC staff conducted in person or by video conference.


  • Full Academic Year 
    Our Residential Study Program is designed for global partners who are able to commit to a full academic year in residency (September – May). All applicants must complete an online application (see link above). Note: Currently, we do not offer programs for short-term residents.
  • Study Program Seminars,* Lectures, and Conferences
    Our seminars, lectures, and conferences are free of charge to global partners and all current students, faculty, and staff of Princeton Theological Seminary. We welcome a limited number of external auditors to participate in our three-day seminars.   
  • Fully Furnished Apartments
    Global partners will find everything provided when you arrive — furnishings, linens, cooking utilities, other household supplies, and free internet access. Apartments vary in size from one to three bedrooms. Telephone and television service is available at your own expense. Pets are not permitted.
  • Community Life
    We are an ecumenical community offering a unique experience in international living that is intellectually, spiritually, and vocationally enriching. Our common life is guided by our unity in Jesus Christ and partnership in the work of God’s mission. As members of the Princeton Theological Seminary community, OMSC staff, global partners, and guests agree to abide by the policies as set forth in the Seminary Handbook.
  • Scholarships for Global Partners
    To help offset some of the housing and living costs for a year of residency, we offer modest financial aid to applicants with demonstrated financial need. We do not offer any full scholarships.



Those coming from outside the United States will need to obtain a visa. The seminary assists us in obtaining visas for our global partners. For further information, see: Visa Requirements for Residency.


Global partners accepted into our Residential Study Program should budget for the following expenses:

Travel & Living Expenses

  • All fees associated with obtaining your passport and visa
  • Round-trip transportation to Princeton and home
  • Required medical insurance (see Medical Insurance page)
  • Emergency expenses (i.e., items not covered by Medical Insurance)
  • Food, clothing, and other necessities while in Princeton
  • Rent for fully-furnished apartment

Current Monthly Rent* (September–May or June for those with school-aged children). 

  • 1 Bedroom: $1,000 per month
  • 2 Bedroom: $1,190 per month
  • 3 Bedroom: $1,385 per month

*Housing costs are subject to change.

Public Schooling for Dependent Children

Children attend local public schools at no cost. However, parents should budget for some of the following expenses:

  • Backpack and school supplies, school field trips, music, dance, or athletic lessons not within the school curriculum


Some global partners may choose choose to purchase a vehicle. Those who do so should keep the following fees in mind when preparing a budget:

  • Purchase price of car, insurance and registration, cost to obtain a driver’s license, fuel, repairs, etc
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