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Global Mission After Christendom: Opportunities and Challenges Seminar led by Dr. Darrell Guder

This week OMSC residents are learning and sharing their perspectives and experiences in regard to global missions.

OMSC’s seminar leader for this week is Dr. Darrell Guder, who is the professor of missional and ecumenical theology emeritus at Princeton Theological Seminary.  His work on both sides of the North Atlantic has focused upon mission in a time of change.  In the last decades he has been especially involved in “the missional church initiative” in its relevance for declining western Christendom and the global Christian movement.  He coordinated and edited the research project that produced the study, Missional Church: A Vision for the Sending of the Church in North America” (1998).  He continued that discussion in The Continuing Conversion of the Church (2000), and Called to Witness: Doing Missional Theology (2015), and in many chapters, essays, and articles.  Please click on below photos to view a slideshow from today’s session. All are welcome to join OMSC residents for this seminar and future seminars by clicking here.

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