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I have made time to keep reading the IBMR, which remains the best possible publication for monitoring the remarkable phase of world Christian history in which we are living.

With peer-reviewed articles, reviews of recent books, noteworthy news column, and other regular features, the International Bulletin of Mission Research is an unparalleled source of information on the world Christian movement engaged in God’s mission. As the academic fields that study this engagement evolve, the IBMR will continue to showcase work in Mission Studies, broadly conceived, and new directions in World Christianity and Intercultural Theology.

Established in 1950 as the Occasional Bulletin from the Mission Research Library, the name changed to Occasional Bulletin of Missionary Research in 1977, to the International Bulletin of Missionary Research in 1981, and to the current International Bulletin of Mission Research in 2016. Since the January 2016 issue, production and marketing of the IBMR has been handled by SAGE Publications.

Readers see a slight change in the title of the IBMR, which now speaks of “mission” (not “missionary”) research. This change reflects the global shift in world Christianity, with the recognition that, for some readers, “missionary” can too easily bring to mind previous centuries of cross-cultural ministries in the context of colonialism.

The IBMR includes:

  • Feature articles and book reviews written by leading specialists on Christian mission and world Christianity from around the world—scholars from varied academic disciplines and theological perspectives.
  • The “Legacy” series with engaging accounts of pivotal mission leaders of the last two centuries and the equally engaging “My Pilgrimage in Mission” series that provides intimate insight into the lives of some of today’s most distinguished mission scholars and practitioners.
  • Regional surveys and analyses of important mission documents and consultations.
  • A “Noteworthy” news column that keeps you up to date on today’s mission leaders, conferences, and study opportunities.
  • The feature “Ten Outstanding Books in Mission Studies, World Christianity, and Intercultural Theology” appears each April.
  • English translations of Christian scholarship from the majority world

IMPORTANT NOTE FOR RESEARCHERSThe SAGE IBMR website (ibmr.sagepub.comis now hosting the search engine (keywords, title, author, DOI) for all previous issues of the IBMR (1981–present), as well as our predecessor journals, the Occasional Bulletin from the Missionary Research Library (1950–1976) and the Occasional Bulletin of Missionary Research (1976–1980). This material is password protected and may be read only by current, paid subscribers. 

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