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The Need to Prepare for the Opening of North Korea

Rev. Ben Torrey

Ben Torrey, executive director of The Fourth River Project, Inc., looks at life and belief in North Korea, and the differences in language and culture between North Korea and South Korea. He discusses “the various types of preparation needed for when North Korea opens and strategies for carrying the life-giving Gospel into the North so that it can be understood and received.” A food monitor for three-and-a-half months in North Korea, Torrey is chairman of the board of trustees of Jesus Abbey, Taebaek, Kangwon Do, South Korea. He and his wife, Liz, live at Jesus Abbey, where they are developing the River of Life School and the Three Seas Training Center. He is also a priest of the Evangelical Apostolic Church of North America, which carries forward the tradition of the Church of the East.

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