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Died. Roger S. Greenway

Died. Roger S. Greenway, 82, mission executive, professor, and author, April 30, 2016, a resident of Rockford, Michigan. After studying at Calvin College and Calvin Theological Seminary, Grand Rapids, Michigan, Greenway was ordained in 1958 and appointed by Christian Reformed World Missions (CRWM) to serve as a missionary in Sri Lanka. In 1963 he and his family moved to Mexico City, where he taught at Juan Calvino Seminary and later founded Instituto Mexicano Bíblico to train urban pastors and church planters. After completing a PhD in 1972, Greenway, author of Discipling the City: A Comprehensive Approach to Urban Mission (1992) and Fish: The Call of the Master Fisher (2013), was named CRWM’s Latin America secretary. Later, he taught at Westminster Theological Seminary, Philadelphia; served as CRWM executive director; and taught missiology at Calvin Theological Seminary. He retired in 2001.

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