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The Rise of the Businary


Combining the words “business” and “missionary” the job of the businary is to conduct their
business in such a way as to lead people to know more about Christ. For OMSC resident Jay*
(*name changed for security reasons) working as a Taekwondo instructor among Syrian children is both a challenge and an opportunity.

A native of South Korea, Jay is a businary in the Middle East where he is in the minority both in terms of his ethnicity and his religion. He was warned that working in this context might not bear any fruit, and the reality of the situation eventually took its toll. He became depressed at his lack of success and exhausted after working for many years without a break. If being in the Middle East was tough for him, it was equally tough for his family, including a daughter whose school experience among the Muslim majority is very difficult. Badly in need of a sabbatical, Jay applied to OMSC.

Jay and his family arrived in August 2017 and quickly made friends among the international
residential community. Here they have already found a place of healing – physically, spiritually,
and mentally. Living in a community of like-minded people and sharing experiences through
seminars and social events is good for the whole family, especially for Jay’s daughter. Here she
is able to connect with other “third culture” children, to live and to learn in a loving and
supportive environment.

Despite the difficulties he and his family have encountered, Jay maintains his trust in God’s
direction and continues to work toward his vision of “sharing the good news to Muslims, and
encouraging them to share the good news among themselves.”

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