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Like Father, Like Son – Two Generations of Pastors from Myanmar Call OMSC Home

When Nathan Perng arrived on the OMSC campus in August, he was following in his father’s footsteps. His father Jacob, 85, a retired minister who served with the Lahu Baptist Convention and the Myanmar Baptist Convention, came to OMSC as a research scholar in 1990. Twenty-seven years later his son is happy for the opportunity to uphold this family legacy and to participate in seminars that will strengthen his understanding of intercultural ministries.

Nathan and Jacob Perng

Nathan and Jacob Perng

At home in Myanmar, Nathan is the Principal of the Lahu Theological Seminary and also serves as the President of the Lahu Baptist Convention. After being assigned to LTS in 1999, Nathan began planning to upgrade the seminary from undergraduate to graduate level courses. The seminary became a member school of the Association of Theological Education in Myanmar (ATEM). Nathan received his Master of Theology, then launched several new programs in the seminary. Continuing his own education, Nathan received his Doctor of Theology in 2010. Through his guidance, the seminary became a member of the Association for Theological Education in South East Asia (ATESEA) in 2014 and became accredited in 2016. His goal after finishing the program at OMSC is to return home and launch a Master of Divinity program at the theological seminary.

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