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Intercultural Theology Seminar with Dr. Volker Küster this week at OMSC

“Intercultural Theology regards visual arts, literature, film etc. as equivalent sources to theological texts.” says Dr. Volker Küster, Professor of Missiology and Comparative Religion
Johannes Gutenberg University, Mainz, Germany.

This informative and thought provoking OMSC seminar gives an introduction to Intercultural Theology through its aesthetic dimension and explains basic terminology and theories of this thriving new field.  The seminar will give an introduction in how to interpret Christian art from Asia and Africa. It reconstructs historical developments and introduces contemporary local artists and their works. How does the Christian faith interact with the cultural-religious dimension of a particular context? We want to decipher the exchanges between at least two iconographic systems. Sometimes we will also come across an expressionism that calls for justice and liberation for the poor and oppressed and allows a glimpse of the socio-economic and political realities of the country. More on this seminar can be found here. Photos from day two of the seminar are below.

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