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The Welcome Mat is Out as the Class of 2018-19 Arrives on Campus

With passports, visas and luggage in hand our new scholars, artists, and missionaries arrive this month to begin the 2018-19 study program seminars

Where in the world is OMSC? 

We may be located in New Haven, Connecticut, but our residents and alumni represent nearly 100 countries around the globe.

What an exciting time it is here at OMSC! New friends are arriving on campus ready to begin the study program seminars, and the community is once again coming together in a unique mix of cultures and traditions. With individuals, couples, and families in residence (including 16 children) the campus is buzzing with activity. Countries represented on campus this year will include:

Cambodia, China, Colombia, Hungary, India, Kenya, Myanmar, Paraguay, Peru, South Korea, Spain, and Thailand. 

How can you make an investment in the future of the church’s participation in God’s mission around the world? By becoming an OMSC Second Century Partner! For more information and to donate, click here. 

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