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Training Theologically-Grounded Mission Leaders Seminar at OMSC

This week at OMSC Dr. Charles Van Engen explores mission leader history and how we can train theologically grounded mission leaders in an ever changing and diverse world today. Throughout the history of Christian mission, one of the essential elements of missionary concern and action has been the formation of theologically, biblically, and missiologically grounded church and mission leaders. The need is as great today as it has been in the past. Church revitalization and mission mobilization the world over depend very much on the vision, expertise, giftedness, and commitment of leaders to global evangelization. For their leadership to be consistent with God’s mission, their formation in being, knowing, doing, and serving need to be permeated by biblical, theological, and missiological insight. This seminar will explore elements of the history, theory, praxis, best practices, and issues facing the global church in forming a new generation of missionary leaders. Cosponsored by Black Rock Congregational Church & Resonate Global Mission.

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