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OMSC@PTS engages in God’s mission by amplifying the often silent or silenced voices of the world Christian movement through our Residential Study Program for Global Partners, the International Bulletin of Mission Research, Artist in Residence Program, Gerald H. Anderson Lectures, Lamin Sanneh Research Prizes, Digital Curriculum in Lived Theology & World Christianity, and other programs.

The OMSC global family of alumni is made up of hundreds of local and cross-cultural church leaders, scholars, and artists from almost 100 nations and every Christian tradition. Many are intimately acquainted with suffering, opposition, and financial hardship, and they invite us to participate with them in God’s life-giving mission in Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit.

Giving Impact: $250 (One-day Seminar for Our Global Partners), $500 (Monthly Stipend for One Global Partner), $2,000 (Distribution of One IBMR Issue to 7,000 Majority World Institutions), $5,000 (Housing Grant for One Global Partner for an Academic Year, $10,000 (Housing Grant for One Global Partner and Their Family for an Academic Year), $25,000 (Grant for One Artist in Residence for an Academic Year)


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