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IBMR EDITORIALS (January, 2017–

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April, 2023, “I wonder as I wonder out under the sky. . .”

January, 2023, Something there is that doesn’t love a wall

October, 2022, World Christianity: Now “in Season”

July, 2022, Royal Power Perfected (also Triumphing!) in Weakness

April 2022, Jesus’s Invitation to Participate in His Life-Giving Mission

January 2022, What Difference Does Twenty Years Make? Imagining the Future in Humble Hindsight

October, 2021, Making Your Grave with the People

July 2021, OMSC Version 3.0 Is Up and Running!

April 2021, Engaging in God’s Mission in the Age of Digital Marketing

January 2021, Scripture, Infinitely Translatable; Theology, Not So Much

October 2020, Christian Faith, Modern Science, and God’s Mission

July 2020, Gather Us Together, Lord

April 2020, Caesar and God

January 2020, Kairos Moment for OMSC

October 2019, “For the Common Good”

July 2019, “Let the Children Come”

April 2019, For Lamin Sanneh (1942–2019)

January 2019, “Rebuild my church”

October 2018, Waiting for the Lord?

July 2018, What Is This New Thing God Is Doing?

April 2018, Persons or Things?

January 2018, IBMR and OMSC: A Dynamic Missional Synergy

October 2017, The Reformers, the Vernacular, and the Transformation of World Christianity

July 2017, Mission in the Shadow of the Cross and in the Theater of God’s Glory

April 2017, Integrating Mission Practice and Theology in the Context of World Christianity

January 2017, Mission Transnationally and Through the Ages

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