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Rev. Cuauhtemoc Angulo Pineda

Born in 1960 in Paraíso, Tabasco México, Cuauhtemoc is the second son of Cuauhtemoc Angulo Rodríguez, a Presbyterian minister, and María del Pilar Pineda, a preschool teacher. He became an elementary education professor in 1979, earned his Bachelor in Theology in 1987, and completed a Master’s in Education at Reformed Theological Seminary in Mississippi in 1992.

Although he was formally ordained as Presbyterian minister in 2003, Cuauhtemoc has been a leader in the Presbyterian church since youth (1977). He has served as a Presbytery, Synod and General Assembly executive,  published 3 books on the history of Presbyterians in Southern Mexico, and taught as professor in seminaries and universities throughout Mexico. He is founder of the “Union Nacional Maestros de Iglesias,” in 2002 as part of Iglesia Nacional Presbiteriana de Mexico, gathering 700 Presbyterian Mexican teachers.  He is also founder of the Religious Council of Churches in Tabasco Mexico (2006).

His main current research interests are, Phenomenology of Religion and Political Theology.

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