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Soundings from OMSC@PTS’s pilgrimage in God’s mission with the world church

Welcome to The OCCASIONAL, OMSC@PTS’s blog for local happenings at the center and global perspectives from our staff, partners, and friends – a network of church leaders, scholars, and cross-cultural workers from all over the world.

The blog’s name, the OCCASIONAL, alludes to the earliest of OMSC’s publications: The Occasional Bulletin from the Missionary Research Library, which was first published on March 13, 1950.  For decades, it served as the premier source for news about developments from the world church. The legacy of the Occasional Bulletin continues with the current International Bulletin of Mission Research

Today, The OCCASIONAL builds upon this tradition and leans into the future to engage in God’s mission by amplifying the voices of the world Christian movement.

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Photo by Nicki Eliza Schinow on Unsplash

Exploring Anti-Christian Policies in the History of Japan – Part II: The Religious Policy of the Meiji Government

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Exploring Anti-Christian Policies in the History of Japan – Part I: Introduction

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Photo by Rohan Reddy on Unsplash

The Annual Statistical Table for World Christianity 2024: Fragmentation and Unity

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Prayer Camps and Faith-Healing in a Wounded Society in Ghana

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Title page of Gillette Bridgman's 1853 - book "Daughters of China"

Women Missionary-Ethnographers in 19th Century China? A Field for Further Research

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Image from the Meeting in Istanbul, October 2023

The Future of the Gospel is for All Peoples and from All Peoples

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Participants from the OMSC LIved Theology and World Christianity program's inaugural cohort during an online discussion session

Laying Foundations for Online Learning with the World Church: OMSC’s Online Certificate in Lived Theology and World Christianity

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Photo by Yana Marudova on Unsplash

Christianity in North America through a Global Christianity lens

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The Public Presence of Latin American Pentecostal Communities in a Pandemic Stricken Madrid

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Photo by iSawRed on Unsplash

World Christianity, Mission and Laylayan Theology

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Photo by Nicolas Brigante on Unsplash

“Where do you get your numbers?” An inside look into the work of the Center for the Study of Global Christianity

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Getting to Know our 2023–2024 Global Partners – Part II

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