There is an abundance of Christian scholarship written in other languages that has yet to be engaged by the anglophone world. OMSC@PTS wants to amplify these voices for the benefit of the world Christian movement. This initiative will invest in the professional translation of articles and essays from Africa, Asia, Eastern Europe, Latin America, the Middle East, and Oceania from any field in the theological curriculum.  Our goal is to welcome new colleagues to the table and convene new conversations that represent the world church in all of its diversity.

Since announcing our Christian Scholarship Translations initiative last year, OMSC has commissioned four essays to be translated into English from Portuguese (Brazil), Chinese, Greek, and Japanese.  As these translations are completed, they will be published in upcoming issues of the International Bulletin of Mission Research.  We are excited to be able to amplify their voice and research for a wider audience.

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Translations in Progress

Christina Vital da Cunha, “Cultura pentecostal em periferias cariocas: grafites e agenciamentos políticos nacionais”, PLURAL, Revista do Programa de Pós‐Graduação em Sociologia da USP, São Paulo, v.28.1, jan./jun., 2021, p. 80‐108

Christina Vital da Cunha, “Pentecostal culture in Rio’s peripheries: graffiti and national political agency,” PLURAL, Journal of the Postgraduate Program in Sociology at USP, Sao Paulo 28, no. 1 (Jan/Jun, 2021), 80-108.

查常平, “主祷文的翻译与神学,” 宗教学研究, 2014 4, 207-212

ZHA Changping, “Translation of the Lord’s Prayer and Theology,” Religious Studies Research 4, (2014), 207-212 

Εὔης Βουλγαράκη-Πισίνα  “Ἱεραποστολὴ καὶ Διάλογος : Μιὰ Ἀποτίμηση τῆς Ἀλληλεπίδρασης τῆς Ὀρθόδοξης Θεολογίας καὶ Πράξης μὲ τὴ Μεταρρύθμιση,”  ΘΕΟΛΟΓΙΑ 90, 1 (2019) 193-234.

Evangelia Voulgaraki, “Mission and Dialogue: An Evaluation of the Interaction of Orthodox Theology and Act with the Reformation,” Theologia 90, no. 1, (2019), 193-234.

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