Livestreaming for Remote Auditors: We will be livestreaming all of this year’s six seminars, which will be held on three consecutive mornings from 9:00–11:25 a.m. (Eastern Standard Time/Daylight Time). Remote auditors may register for individual seminars or subscribe to the entire series. The registration fee is $75 per seminar or $400 for a subscription to all six seminars. For students, the registration fee is $15 per seminar or $60 for a subscription to all six seminars. There is no fee for current Princeton Theological Seminary students, faculty, and staff. There are no fee waivers available.

Please note: Remote auditors will not able to interact with the seminar leaders or participants, but we will welcome your questions, comments, and feedback after each seminar.

November 15–17 (Tuesday-Thursday)


Title: African Diaspora Mission in North America: Challenges and Opportunities
Leader: Moses Biney

December 13-15 (Tuesday-Thursday)


Title: Models of Sanctity in Mission: Historical and Intercultural Perspectives
Leader: Paul Kollman, C.S.C. 

February 21–23 (Tuesday-Thursday)


Title (Tentative): Migration, Refugee, Displaced and Diasporas in Christian Mission
Co-Leaders: Sam George and Jenny Yang

March 7–9 (Tuesday-Thursday)


Title: African Christianity in the Context of World Christianity
Co-Leaders: Afe Adogame and Jehu Hanciles



Title: Chinese Christian Literature and the Work of the Church
Leader: Chloë Starr

May 9–11 (Tuesday-Thursday)


Title (tentative): Trauma in Theological Perspective
Leader: Shelly Rambo