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Chinese Theologian Leads Online School

OMSC board member Timothy Chiu and his wife, May, are NYPD auxiliary officers

OMSC board member Timothy Chiu and his wife, May, are NYPD auxiliary officers

Rev. Dr. Timothy Chiu, a native of Hong Kong who joined the OMSC Board of Trustees in June 2014, enjoys leading an innovative Chinese online theology school, writing “everyday insights in relation with God,” and serving his community as an auxiliary officer of the New York Police Department. 

Even though Rev. Chiu was raised in a family whose patriarch was a Christian minister, he calls himself a former “black sheep of the family” because he frequently was in trouble with school authorities. While in college, however, he had a “wonderful rebirth experience” when he turned back to Christ: “I resolved to serve him as Lord for life.”            

Following that spiritual commitment, Rev. Chiu devoted his life for some years to studying. He earned a Bachelor of Business Administration from Concordia University, a Lutheran school in Portland, Oregon; a Master of Divinity from Alliance Theological Seminary; and Doctor of Ministry from New York Theological Seminary. In May 1989, he was ordained by the Christian and Missionary Alliance.    

Rev. Chiu is president and a professor of the New York Theological Education Center Chinese Online School of Theology (NYTEC), the ministries of which “are very challenging, yet very meaningful. I am thankful that I can be part of it.” 

The ministry, which was started in 1996 in China as a correspondence school, takes Paul’s challenge young Timothy to “entrust to reliable men who will also be qualified to teach others” (2 Tim. 2:2) as its inspiration. A nondenominational institute, the center provides theological education to Christian learners with different backgrounds and equips them with tools to spread the Gospel and increase church growth.

In recent years, Rev. Chiu says NYTEC professors and pastors have started giving seminars and conferences in churches and seminaries in China. NYTEC trains faculty, pastors, and volunteers of theological organizations and serves as a support base for churches and seminaries in China by offering religious education and training.

Rev. Chiu, his wife, May, and son, Amos, live in College Point, Queens, New York. He leads the multifaceted ministry, enjoys God’s word, and publishes insights he receives. His publications include “Contemplation on High” (1993) and “A Thorn in the Flesh” (1996).  Recently, he has been writing “Spiritual Insights” for Christian newspapers and web sites.

Full of vigor and eager to help others, Rev. Chiu also has been involved in the planning committee for New York’s Lunar New Year celebration (February 8); Quality Life Forum, Inc.; Community Service Square; and groups that serve children and the elderly.

He has been volunteering since 1993 with the Auxiliary Police Force of New York City and is a past president (1997) of the New York State Chinese Auxiliary Police Association. Rev. Chiu also helps the NYPD Community Affairs Bureau with typesetting and translation.      

His hobbies and interests beyond ministry and community service are varied. Rev. Chiu is proficient in tae kwon do. An accomplished violinist, he was a member of the Hong Kong Symphony Orchestra and the Hong Kong Youth Orchestra.

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