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If God Loves Us , Why Do We Suffer? OMSC Residents Lead Trauma Healing Workshops for Local Community

Five OMSC residents took the lead in March as they put their Scripture-based trauma healing lessons to work, this time as workshop facilitators. Having participated as students in a trauma healing workshop earlier in the year, they put what they learned to good use for 10 members of the local community.

Participants attended sessions on two consecutive Saturdays in March. Through the workshops they discovered:

  • What the Bible says about suffering;
  • The effects of trauma;
  • How to explore their own personal trauma and loss;
  • How to release emotional pain; and
  • How to reconnect and build resilience for the future.

Facilitator Funmi Kehinde (pictured) shared what one participant said: “I am totally blessed by this seminar…I pray that God creates an avenue for this seminar to reach a wider audience.” Plans are already underway for residents to bring this workshop to their own countries of service when they return home .

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