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Michael Kelly Blanchard OMSC Benefit Concert an evening of wonderful music, stories and fellowship.

“You are welcome here!” ~ Michael Kelly Blanchard opening song on Sunday October 14th at the Covenant Presbyterian Church (The Barn) in Simsbury, CT. A Big thanks to Michael, Joe, Joseph, Stew, The Barn and the many people whom came to enjoy some great music and stories.

Michael’s opening song truly represents the Overseas Ministries Study Center’s open invitation to everyone! Not just the pastors, missionaries, artists, scholars and community leaders from around the world who come to OMSC each academic year, but also for you! Yes anyone is welcome and encouraged to visit us in New Haven, CT.

You are welcome to come visit OMSC! Join us on a Tuesday or Thursday morning worship service. Join us at a Join us at a special event. Join us at our April Art Gala. Call Rob Gerowe at (203) 285-1566 for a Tour of our campus and to meet our culturally diverse international residents. Whatever you choose… please join us, come visit us in New Haven CT across from Yale and know… you are welcome here!

Video Clip from concert:

More video:

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