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Christian Mission and Adivasi People in India Seminar October 9-11.

Come join us at OMSC this week to learn, be inspired and meet OMSC scholars, missionaries, artists and community leaders. This week’s seminar is led by Dr. Atola Longkumer, who is a professor of Religions and Missions at the South Asian Institute of Advanced Christian Studies (SAIACS) Bangalore, India. 

Dr. Longkumer’s research interests are in Christian mission and writing native history; religious conversion; Christian mission and modernity; gender issues; inter-religious encounter/dialogue and Christian mission and indigenous/tribal peoples’ identity.

She writes: ‘I would like to contribute what I can to realize a better world – God’s kingdom – where values such as justice, peace, respect and care between people exist in reality. The ways are demonstrated in the life and teaching of the historical person Jesus, hence to strive to be a true follower of Jesus not only in faith conviction but also in faithful expression in lived ways.’ Cosponsored by TMS Global

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